Our research interest evolves around device physics and chemistry of novel materials with a loose focus on nano/micro electroncics. Specific research directions can be find below.


We are interested in exotic (opto) electronic properties of low-dimensional materials, novel-phase crystals, and the hybrid superstructures.

This direction includes several sub directions such as chemical vapour deposition, filed-effect transistors, electronic sensors, contact engineering in transistors, phase engineering, van der Waals heterostructures, and iontronics.

On-chip energy devices

By shrinking the dimensions of conventional energy devices to nano/micron scale, we are able to directly probe specific electronic/ electrochemical properties previsouly inaccessible to conventional technologies, as well as solve missing pieces of the puzzle across a broad range of energy applications.

Interfacial optoelectronics

We are constantly exploring novel in situ techniques to probe complex interfacial optoelectronic/photochemical processes, which often undercover interesting new phenomena and mechanism. 


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